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Soft Glock Meat
Got Got
Got Got _ detail 2
If Only, Just a Dream
American Home Furnishings _ detail
American Home Furnishings
Tableaux Vivants _ Sample Image 6 _Masked _ V2 _ Cropped
Me Too Prisoner_larger_flattened
4 _ Consumer Culture - Collection
Bob Omb Drone
Tableaux Vivantes _ Sample Image 4
Tableaux Vivantes _ Sample Image 1

Descriptions of Artworks Below

Jason Christopher Childers™ - Image List



1.  If Only, Just a Dream


                28" x 44"

                Acrylic, canvas, pine, shag carpet, plastic stanchion, and slinky rope

2.  Turn My Jeans On


                running time 13:48

                chickens, soil, gelatin, grains, artificial grass, and opera — projected onto cedar fence

                in collaboration with David Hassell

                Full video available at:  Turn My Jeans On

3.  Schrödinger Litter



                Iphone 4 on mirror box containing polymer enhanced sand for tactile experience

                in collaboration with David Hassell

                Full video available at: Schrödinger Litter

4.  Aquarium Gallery


                size variable

                sound installation with fish tank, Plasti-dip, and piezo disks amplified through headphones

                in collaboration with David Hassell

                Full video available at: Aquarium Gallery

5.  Explaining Deconstruction to a Fish: Performance Documentation


                performance with various media and live catfish

                in collaboration with SOLOS

                Full video available at:  Explaining Deconstruction to a Fish - Performance Documentation

6.  EDTAF: Post-Production


                sizes and running times are variable

                multi-channel video installation

                experimental documentation of the performance, Explaining Deconstruction to a Fish

                Full videos available at: EDTAF: Post-Production

7.  Consumer Culture


                decommissioned credit cards of the artist, agar solution, and various bacterium growths

8.  Stack that Cheese


                runtime 1:02

                Digital video animation, Complete collection of the artist's receipts from 2015-16

                Total Cost $14454.92

                Full video available at:  Stack That Cheese

9.  Self Checkout 2013


                various dimensions

                mdf, masonite, complete collection of the artist's receipts from 2013

10.  Bibliography of Virtual Consciousness (Volumes 1-12, 2013)


                book dimensions: 9"x12"

                books, complete web history of the artist from 2013 in Chicago style bibliography format

11.  Virtual Consciousness: ReSearch 2014 and Comment Box


                kiosk dimensions: 4' x 3' x 3'

                interactive hypertext document of the artist's web history from 2013, laminate data kiosk, computer, monitors, speakers, Microsoft Anna,                   internet, programs, kitten mousepad, laptop, website, participation

                Video documentation available at: Virtual Consciousness: ReSearch 2014

12.  The Voice of Authority


                3' x 2' x 1.5'

                wood pedestal, paper and plexiglass book, projector, video (animation of all the pages of the dictionary)

                Full video available at:  The Voice of Authority - Installation Documentation

13.  Shoushiling: Hand Command (rock, paper, scissors)


                6' x 12" each

                acrylic, hydrocal, buttons, cement, coffee cans, wood, and 100% polyester black basic suiting

14.  1_12_2001


                12" x 18" x 24", running time 12:08

                video projected onto prisms and mirror within a doll house/art museum

                Full video available at: 1_12_2001

15.  Babbel


                running time 4:45

                digital video collage, presidential debate

                Full video available at: Babbel

16.  Forced Exhibitions

                2015-present (continuing series)

                6" x 8" each

                acrylic paintings on canvas forcibly exhibited in museums and galleries

                currently NYC, Denver, and Houston

                *See Exhibitions section of CV for specific locations

17.  Forms of Tension: XY,ZX, YZ


                8' x 8' x 8'

                pine, polypropylene, held together entirely through tension and compression

18.  Pi Cubes


                3π" x 3π" x 7π" (each cube is π" x π" x π")

                hickory and pine installed along a nature path in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

19.  Sometimes It Happens

                2015-present (continuing series)

                16" x 20" each

                acrylic paintings of isolated daily occurrences and various absurdities

20.  Drawing and Painting Sampler

                 various sizes and media

                 acrylic, watercolor, ink, oil pastel, vinyl

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