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Jason Christopher Childers™ - A Statement of Arts


I just watched a bunch of cockroaches fighting over a piece of bread. They were many, I was few. I thought about a suburban family arguing with teenagers at the dinner table, The Last Supper, poverty, nuclear resilience, etc... Synapses streamlined through unending connectivities as they fought and feasted—halting only momentarily for small dramas. In those short moments I both smiled and frowned. The tension was pleasant. 

"One day I shall recreate this experience using art." I said without using words. 

Sometimes the tragedy of existence is absurd, in the most normal things, and at once both horrific and laughable. My artwork represents bizarre meditations upon the absurdity of existence that manifest themselves in a wavering tension between the natural and the artificial. Elements of such absurd tensions are revealed in this short list describing the specific content of my work: 

genetically modified mass produced meat objects (from creature to meat), confronting death while consuming life via glorified fish fry, dinosaur chickens unknowingly performing opera while eating gelatin on plastic grass, hundreds of dead fleas galloping in a dream amongst the buzz of a leaky a/c, living paintings-aesthetic fish objects, the sonic perspective of such fish objects, tactile polymer litter sand referencing superposition and a paradox of existence, and other various digital, political, and linguistic absurdities. 

Absurdism lies at the heart of my practice. Merriam-Webster defines absurd as "having no rational or orderly relationship to human life." These irrational and disorderly relations to existence are at the core of my research and representations. I toe the line between the meaningful and meaningless while maintaining the idea that things don't always have to make sense to be significant.

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